Monday, January 16, 2012

September and October

The flight to South Korea served complimentary wine. THAT was a life saver. And the three meals I got weren't too bad. I could have done with out one at least but

Lunch during training! First time trying Kimchi and Korean Barbecue! It really is my favorite meal here and I really enjoy all the side dishes you have. For going out and enjoying a good meal with friends, every can pay ten bucks for a great amount of beer and food!

Here are some pictures of my first couple weeks in South Korea!

My celebratory cake for completing training! It was yummy and a great dinner and breakfast!

 These are from a couple nights I had spent out in Suwon and shopping I had done in Myeong-dong in Seoul. The pyramid light up structure is in Suwon and is on my walk to the Homeplus by me. It is gorgeous in the day with the sculptures that are around.



These photos are all from a cultural festival I went to in October. I met up with my friend from training, Alanna and went with a couple of her coworkers. It was a lot of fun , we made Russian dolls, played some football and enjoyed some dances and songs from different countries.

These are my coworkers, Tintin, McKenna, and Kasey. Tintin and McKenna are teachers and Kasey is our boss. We had gone out in a group one night after work and this is us at a karaoke room.
I will post Halloween pictures next time! Bless you all and chitchat again soon!

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