Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One year in Korea

It has officially been one year since I came to South Korea and started teaching. When I first started, I was incredibly homesick and I felt like I was missing out on such a great time with my friends. I even started to think I probably wouldn't be able to make it a full year here. Now a year has flown by and I've met such a great number of people and I couldn't help but feel so greatful to them for making this year great.

I've traveled around South Korea, from the nothern part where the 2018 Winter Olympics will be held in Pyeongchang. I've seen the parting of the seas near Jindo and some gorgeous cherry blossoms in Gyeongue. I've traveled outside of Korea to Singapore, meeting my god mother's brother, Robert, and his wife, Beulah. I got to see some wonderful places there and I do hope to make it back before I head back to the states. I've been to Japan and was able to pet deer! I've hiked the highest mountain in Korea and will be hiking the 3rd highest this October and then in the spring the second.

I'm pushing myself to go farther than I have before and trying to discover where my passion lies. I love teaching these kids most days, and I enjoy traveling, once the trip has been underway.
Bryan, Brittany, mu, Mckenna, Milly, Collin. At Yesou
At sunrise hike for Jinhae trip
I expect another year of traveling with friends and seeing more of Southeast Asia. There are so many places I want to explore and I hope to make this blog more of a log of my travels and adventures!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

End of the Month: March Photo Post

In March I started going on Seoul Hiking Group trips and the first one I went one since the ice fishing trip in January. I went on a hike with the group around Dongdamun to Seoul Fortress around the president's house. Also, there are photos of Saint Patricks day with a group of friends. I also have some of the photos I took with my NEW Nikon D3000 I bought. I am so happy I purchased this DSLR because I really wanted a new camera but just didn't want to spend all that much money on it.

My hair was so long! :( I cut a good portion of it off the next day and I still have yet to get it to this length again.

Grace, Katie,Me. Katie is a fellow Wisconsite!

We were realy ready for the hike to be over, it was getting so cold! From L to R: Holm, MckEnna, Bryan, Me, Milly

The woman and the man. It's a very romantic spot supposedly. The woman is suppose ot be leaning into the man.

St. Patricks day with friends.

Here are some photos I took of students I had during the Spring term.
I have one student I trust to let use my camera. 

Gloria... Her shirt made me laugh.

Jessica :)

Brendon and Arthur


Casey and Mckenna


Lucas and Kevin

Gilbert...they only photo I got of him.



Junho, he looks innocent.

But he was the spawn of a demon.

my former seedbed 1 class.

Shion. So adorable



Tom Park and Tom Kil