Tuesday, June 18, 2013

End of the Month Photo Post- March

As March last year was filled with trips on teh weekends and events, this was a much slower month for me. Besides kicking it off with a trip to China, I was really more laid back during the month. The weekends were a little bit lazy and the weeks were full of starting a new term and getting to know new students. I also started teaching ABC, an everyday class. These are some of my favorite students.
But First things first! Here are pictures from St Patricks Day. This year we managed to get to the fair earlier and it was much warmer than the previous year.
I bumped into my friend Jin!

The group. Sydney, Matt, Carly, Suzanne, Mckenna, Alex, Jesus*nickname* and Me
Mckenna, Alex, and Kimchi(the cat) Before going to the festival.

Yes, a Nicholas Cafe ad...freaky.

Dancing a jig. Get it Nick!

People starting to reel.

At the end of the month, Mckenna, Alex, Brittany and I got together and rented swan boats. This is something we had seen a lot whenever we were near the Han and since it was warmer, we decded to try it out! It was a bit of a wa-waah time though since all four of us could not be in a boat together. It wasn't too expensive, 30 for the two boats for 45 minutes. We took some beers and got on the boats!

Da Swan boats.

And of course, my ABC students. Ruby, Alex, and Lucy. Nina not pictured.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

End of the Month Photo Post - February

Alex's birthday scavenger hunt, lots of stress at work, photo class, small part of china trp
February was a busy month for me! I took a photo class every Sunday morning which helped me learn quite a bit about my camera. It also taught me that I would outgrow my camera within a year or more as well as the lens bought. I enjoyed this class a lot since it was me and just one other student. Here are some pictures from the homework I needed to do and using models.

Girl we pulled from people walking by who really exemplifies Korean fashion!



Horsey dance.

In the middle of February we had Alex's, Mckenna's boyfriend, birthday party which was a scavenger hunt in Seoul. It was an afternoon into the evening event with lots of drinking and just juvenile antics.
like taking a fish out of its tank.

or attempting pull ups on the subway
by multiple foreigners.

Getting ice cream from the Turkish guy.

Putting money on the wall of a bar.

And silly pics at a bar :)

It was a great night and February was such a fun month for me. It also ended with me completely part of my great bucketlist of going to China. More in my next post!