Sunday, January 13, 2013

End of the Month Photo Post: July

What did I do: Everland for birthday, birthday! Mudfest, and bought a new lens and summer vacation

July was a more laid back month for me, even with celebrating my 25th birthday here in Korea. My birthday fell on a Thursday, so I spent the weekend before with friends at Everland and Carribean Bay, which is a famous theme park in Korea. Since I live in Suwon, I live fairly close to Everland, an hour bus ride. I spent my morning at Carribean Bay, which is the water park. I really enjoyed the wave pool and the lazy river.

Afterwards I met up with Tin, McKenna, Suzanne, Brittany, Alex, and Dan. We went on the T-express, the largest wood rollercoaster in Korea. We also went on a rough water ride, that was fairly tame since in Korea they had us covered with a plastic tarp to keep us from getting wet. After that we went to an "Italian" restuarant on the main square of Everland. We watched the show and fireworks after dinner. Tin and I left the park together and met up with our coworker, Rachel, and a former coworker, Charles.

A seashell picture spot in Everland.

Tin and I are Mermaids!

The uniforms of the workers in Carribean Bay...made me giggle. Their shirts are so colorful!
Brittany, Suzanne, Me, Tin, and Mckenna

Leaving Carribean Bay
Eating ice cream cake with Tin, Rachel, and Charles.

This cake was so yummy! Four different flavors!

On my actual birthday, we have a tradition at work to eat cake with the whole staff and sing happy birthday. We had dinner at reservations for 9 that night, so we had cake BEFORE classes, which diffently helped all of us fight the energy the kids bring. Notice, this is my second cake for my birthday!

Very yummy!

And then at dinner, Tin bought me my THIRD CAKE! So many yummy cakes to celebrate my 25th!

Alex, Mckenna, Tin, Sunny, Nicole, Me, Scott

Nicole and I taking a Bailey's shot.
I had a really enjoyable birthday and was happy that the following weekend was going to be Mud Festival! The mud festival in Korea is very famous. It is in Boryeong, which is a coastal city. A special mud is made with the earth and sea water and they make a giant area where you can play in the mud with slip and slides, inflatible giant slides, and obstacle courses. It basically gives you an excuse to run around in the mud for hours!
The weekend we went was the first weekend of the two week festival and it was packed with foreigners. It wasn't the warmest of days, with on and off drizzling all day and raining that night.  We had a really large group of us, 15 total, staying in our room that we got. Since this festival was muddy, I didn't take many pictures. Thank you , BRYAN, again for risking your camera and getting pictures of us!
Prepping for the cold and before getting muddy!

Almost all of us in the room. And clean!
Muddy shot!

Firworks in between the rain.

Taking pictures of the fireworks

Thanks Bryan for the picture! :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

End of the Month : June Photo Post

June was a very busy month. Every weekend was some get together with friends, a trip, or a birthday party.  To begin June, a lot of us got together and went to Seoul Grand Park Zoo. It's in Seoul Grand Park and it's super cheap to visit. Directions to the zoo are pretty easy, on line 4, the light blue color The stop is Seoul Grand Park My friends and I got together and had lunch then we went into the park together.

We spent most of our time eating and having drinks before entering the zoo and I don't have many pictures from that. But inside the zoo I took a lot of photos of the animals and friends. We did not see much of the zoo because we entered maybe two hours before it was closed. Here are some photos from that day.

Some cute kids that were crawling in and out of this tortoise shell.

The infamous piggy back couple. You see this every where in Korea.
She struck a pose!

These photos were taken by Ms. Brittany. She replaced her camera and was testing it out. I love how she was able to make the colors on everything pop.

Doing what I do, taking a hundred pictures of the lions sleeping.

The next weekend was the MonWon Boxer party. MonWon is like the ten dollar bill in South Korea and you can find these cheeky boxer shorts everywhere. We did a little photo shoot to show them off as we got ready to watch the first Austin Powers movie.

From L to R : Bryan, Suzanne, me, Brittany, McKenna, Milly
We got dinner before we headed back to change. It was a great evening at Bryan's place :)

Bryan, Mckenna, Suzanne, Colin(no MONWONS!) Brittany, Milly, and me!

The next weekend was Mckenna and Colin's birthday party, called Alice in Drunkenland! They did a theme party where a whole bunch of us dressed up in Alice in Wonderland costumes. Friday was Mckenna's actual birthday and a whole bunch of us from work went out together after work.

On Saturday was the joint party. A big group of us met at Seoul Grand Park and just hung out and drank there before dinner.

Tin and I

Bryan and Milly

Tin, Kashira, and I

Suzanne, Theresa, Brittany, Nick, Bryan, Adam,Tin, Me, Alex, Jimmi, Kashira, Matt, Mckenna, Arty, Holm, Milly, Scott. I don't know every one here but got almost everyone's name.

The third weekf of June took me to the World Expo in Yeosu. The theme for this year was water and how to conserve it. The host country lets countries put on display tourism information and their ideas on how to follow that year's theme. I went with friends,  and met up with friend's of Bryan's as well as his friend who was in the Samsun pavilion. His friend was in the show the pavilion held, an arobatic dance routine. It was really interesting.
On Saturday, Mckenna and I took a train to Yeosu and we metup with Bryan, Milly, Sean, Dave, and Dusty. Sean, Dave, and Dusty worked in a city near Yeosu. Saturday we saw the show and walked around the pavilions. We didn't really go into many of the exhibits for different countries because some of the lines were too long. I remember going into Vietnam, Qatar, Turkey, France, and United Emirates Nations.

Mckenna with Dusty's friend who has traveled with him every where.

The last weekend of June was spent with Bryan on his birthday :). We went out to Outback Steak House in Itaewon, one area in Seoul that is close to the army base. It has a lot of foreign food and bars. We spent majority of the night on one of the hills. It was such a great night! I wish I had taken more photos. Miss you, Bryan!