Thursday, September 20, 2012

End of the Month: March Photo Post

In March I started going on Seoul Hiking Group trips and the first one I went one since the ice fishing trip in January. I went on a hike with the group around Dongdamun to Seoul Fortress around the president's house. Also, there are photos of Saint Patricks day with a group of friends. I also have some of the photos I took with my NEW Nikon D3000 I bought. I am so happy I purchased this DSLR because I really wanted a new camera but just didn't want to spend all that much money on it.

My hair was so long! :( I cut a good portion of it off the next day and I still have yet to get it to this length again.

Grace, Katie,Me. Katie is a fellow Wisconsite!

We were realy ready for the hike to be over, it was getting so cold! From L to R: Holm, MckEnna, Bryan, Me, Milly

The woman and the man. It's a very romantic spot supposedly. The woman is suppose ot be leaning into the man.

St. Patricks day with friends.

Here are some photos I took of students I had during the Spring term.
I have one student I trust to let use my camera. 

Gloria... Her shirt made me laugh.

Jessica :)

Brendon and Arthur


Casey and Mckenna


Lucas and Kevin

Gilbert...they only photo I got of him.



Junho, he looks innocent.

But he was the spawn of a demon.

my former seedbed 1 class.

Shion. So adorable



Tom Park and Tom Kil


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