Friday, January 20, 2012

Intensives - why I'm up early and being more productive

This past week I have finally gotten around to really updating the blog and I am looking into updating the look of the blog as well.

I am thinking of adding a couple of different things to the blog, such as trying to make a schedule of how often I do photo posts, regular posts with a number of photos, and posts that cover a specific topic. I've written down a couple of ideas about what I want to write and some of them may not be about my time here in Korea and about other things. Again, this is all what I've been thinking about.

So I am looking to mix up some things over the next couple of weeks and see if after my vacation I come back refreshed and really in gear. I have a couple of things hopefully starting when I get back and if I get into some of them I will know more about I want to be doing while in South Korea. I am thinking having some fashion posts, maybe posts of what I am knitting, interesting photos, or quotes from my students.

I am looking into volunteering and other groups that I can join. Doing 5ks and 10ks, volunteering at an animal shelter, maybe a choir, etc. I am trying to branch out and take advantage of where I am right now. Especially since I am putting an effort into saving money and only spending on essentials as well as sticking to a stricter budget. I figure if I go out less, well actually if I stop buying clothes I will save money  but I will spend my money on events and outings that are more meaningful than going out.

I'm not sure where things are going to go from here, but I am going to try to post more often and tell/show more of what I am up to. This week I made sure to capture moments in class with students so that I can show the kids I get to work with every day.

Stay in touch!

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Caitlin said...

Of course I would love to see your knitting pictures. :)

I miss you. Talk soon? I'll try and catch you online tonight!