Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Month in Photos- January

Here is my month in photos for January. I am not including my Singapore trip here since that will have its own post at the end of this week!

Here are some photos from the Ice Festival I went to in Hwaechon. We played ice floor hockey, went tubing down a hill, pet a baby donkey, and some of us went ice fishing or bare hand ice fishing. I did the later, as evident by me holding my fish in my hands in the bottom left picture. I am not a fish person but this fish was super yummy! Fresh river trout.

  A week later I went to two birthday celebrations and before hang McKenna(the above photo) and I went to a dog cafe. These are all over Seoul where you can go play with dogs and if you find one, a cat cafe as well. I've been to this one twice so it was a lot of fun seeing some of the same dogs again. This doxendog was adorable!


This is Diane, she was in my Intensives class. She is 9.

These are my Seedbed students, most of them at 6. Their names  are Amy, Philly, Becky, Minseok, Kelly and Yeon Woo.

Now here are some photos from my classes! I'm going to label them all with the students and their classes.
This is one student in my Seed 2 class. Most of these students are 9, they are old for this grade level. This is Christine and her giant Angry Bird pen.
My Sprout 3 class, they are all around 10 or 11. Jenny, Amy, and Catherine.

My little heartbreaker in Seed 1, Jake. He is 7. He is the most adorable, pain in the butt kid ever.

More of my Seed 1 class. This is Scion, he is very smart and quiet. He is also 7.

My Sprout 2 class. Irene, Diane, and Jenny. This happens to be one of my best classes, they are incredibly smart and great to teach!

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