Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas and New Years Adventure

Happy New Year! Hope every one is happy, healthy and above all another year wiser! I'm going to bring every one up to speed on my comings and going and my exciting news!
Christmas was pretty much a downer for me. I was homesick, missing friends, family and wishing I could have been home for it. It was my first Christmas not being with my parents and I didn't think it would have been as hard as it was. I did spend it with some new people though, Katie and her friends. I know Katie through Todd and his friends from Wisconsin. It did help being around someone from home and it certainly  cheered me up that while we had dinner on Christmas Eve that our table won a bottle of wine and a bottle of champagne!

Lookie! I've learned how to integrate the photos into the post! That photo post will be done soon, since I've now had to add another month onto it. I may just split it up so there is one post for the first four months here...

I really can't believe I've been here for four months now! It is crazy to think about what I was doing a year ago and how far I've traveled since then.

Well, Christmas day was rounded off with a wonderful brunch with my two coworkers TinTin and Becca. Again, the distraction of being away from loved ones was needed because it really didn't feel like Christmas here and being surrounded by couples made me miss every one I love.

The week leading to New Years I was tentatively trying to make plans but again, I was stuck in a rut with just being sad. I missed my friends from New Hampshire and how much fun I had with New Years with them last year that I didn't think that this year would be able to live up to it. I also realized I really had no intentions of wanting to go out and get smash happy for the celebration. I think my doldrums kept me from making plans with friends who were going to go out and drink, but I am happy with my nice laid back evening at Seoul Tower and the Teddy Bear Museum there with Elana and her coworker Samantha.

Seoul Tower
Me next to one of the slightly creepy bears.
It was a good evening but I was glad when I got back from Seoul at 3 am that I could sleep and rest.
At work we started intensives which means 3 days a week I'm working close to 10 hour days, which isn't really that bad but gets tedious. I have one student in my extra classes so it's OK. I'm more excited about what happens after intensives is over!

Which leads me into my news. I'm going to Singapore! I'll be staying with family which will be helpful in saving money but I'm excited to be able to relax and enjoy some warmth. The winter here isn't too bad, but it will be very different actually taking a vacation at this time of the year. I'm really excited and hope that I can see everything there in my 3 day stay!

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