Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Halloween and November!

Aright. I am trying to pump out as many of these photo posts so that I am updated by the time I get back from Singapore and can write a wonderfully long post on it!
This is Francesco
My former Sapling 1 class. Gabriel, SunJin, Sophoe, Kelly, JinJun.
Jenny from Sprout 3.
Co-teacher McKenna.

Was in my A+ class, but is in my Seed 2 class now, Kelly.
Sapling 2 girls, Claire and Esther.

 In my classroom during our Halloween parties I had my students coloring in a bunch oh halloween inspired drawings. They Loved their spongebob.
 This is after the end of the Fall term and we went out as a group. We played darts, bowling, and pool. It was a lot of fun and just a really great mix of people.

I went to a cat Cafe. Such a pretty kitty!
The only pizza I can find that isn't covered in corn!

Not the best nachos, but doable!

Ice Cream in Myeong-dong with McKenna.

Dog cafe I went to before Thanksgiving dinner!

Thanksgiving dinner with some people I knew from training and McKenna's friends.

FInally! Updated to November! Now, December and Christmas! And, by request of my friend, I'll do a food post sometime soon. Hopefully I'll start doing with my coworker a cooking day every week while we try to make a Korean dish!

Much love

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