Monday, June 18, 2012

Jindo Sea Parting!

Wowza! By the time it got to be April 6th, I was beginning to feel the fatigue of going on these trips every weekend, but since the last weekend filled me with a genuine enjoyment of hiking I was really excited for the Sea Parting and hopefully seeing some cherry blossoms finally! Oh, and some really cute Jindo Puppies :)

Again, this is a very heavy photo post so I hope you enjoy!
The view from our pension window

The shoes we got to walk across for 10,000 won. Helped keep our feet nice and dry!

Bryan and I!

She did not have shoes, she had on dish washing gloves...on her feet.

The moon that night was unbelievable!


Me with the awesome jingo dog who did some neat tricks for us.

Did a hike later on that day, was tons of fun and warm :)

And before leaving we saw a wonderful performances of traditional Korean harvesting songs.

And we even got to be a part of the last song and dance!

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