Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jellando and Yeso Trip of not so man cherry blossoms :(

This post is going to be very photo heavy since there are so many pictures to show you! In March, I went on my first weekend trip with the group Seoul Hiking Group, which is run by an amazing man Warren. Undeniably, one of the cheapest ways to travel around Korea with out the hassle of planning it yourself as a foreigner and a great way to make new friends!
The first trip was a trip to Jellando, which is located on the east side of Korea along the southern tale.  We also went to Yeso where the World Expo is currently taking place and I hope to go back before the expo is over in August. The weather had unfortunately taken a turn to be cold during the week prior to our trip so the cherry blossoms were not in bloom :( . I was very dishearten by it but the weather was gorgeous besides that. I was ALSO getting to play with my wonderful, absolutely, fantastic new camera, a Nikon D3000 which I bought off a wonderful fellow expat, Sergii. I had met another wonderful expat, John, who had a beautiful Nikon himself and I asked him to help me find a nice DSLR and he saw Sergii's post on craigslist and sent  it to me. I really am so very thankful because I am learning tons about taking photos and just really enjoy playing with it. 

This trip was a lot of fun because I got to spend it with a lot of my friends and we saw a lot. I will get into more detail between the photos.

Jellando, The mountains in the background had snow on top!

Back : Bryan, Front l to r, Milly, McKenna, Brittany, and Meg

The yellow blossoms were just beginning to bud.

You could soak your feet in some nice hot water that helped relax you and warm you up from the wind!


Some really cute stray dogs

I had to add this one because of my wonderful friend and coworker Mckenna jumped in front of my camera right when I took the shot. I was pretty peeved when she did it, but now I find it to be hilarious!

The mountains :)

These photos are all in Yeso, where the world expo is being held. We did a small climb up to get a nice view of the whole island and then took a speed boat ride around the smaller island in the background. It was a gorgeous day and just beautiful to be outside and seeing other parts of Korea.
L to R : Mckenna, Brittany, Collin, Me

Collin and Milly

The Whole group : L to R: Brittany, Bryan, McKenna, Me, Collin, Milly

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