Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fear dragging feet

Fear. It is such a powerful and sometimes, overwhelming emotion that leaves me nauseous, unable to breathe, and dizzy. This can also describe my reaction, and I'm sure of others, feelings about love. Leaving us nauseous, unable to breathe, and dizzy at the mere sight, touch, or sound of the one or ones we love. People will go to no ends for the people they love, fearing that if they don't, they will lose them.
Why does fear captivate and hold so closely to our ability to love?
It has been an extraordinary past couple months. Work is slowly winding down and my next phase in life is slowly unfolding before me. South Korea will be my new home in just a few short months and I'm terrified. I try not to think about what is going to be coming up, but it's beginning to sink its fangs in me about how tremendous and slightly overpowering this decision is.
I try not to think about so I don't work myself up from the fear. I've had enough adrenaline kicks these past few weeks, I need a break! It only life would take a day trip and let me relax and catch up on my thoughts.

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