Saturday, September 24, 2011

Air Travel

For the past week I have been writing, but not posting any of my entries so that O could go over them one more time...Here is an update of my flight!

I have now been traveling officially for 12 hours, and I think I could sleep for a day straight. This past week has been one of constant goings and never ending tasks to complete.   Here is a quick rehash of what the day has been so far.
            5:00 Am wake up call and be ready for the shuttle to the airport. I was with my parents and my mom was a bit sad so saying good bye to them was a tad emotional. My flight to San Francisco wasn’t till 8:40, but I wanted to be early. That flight went by quick, but the food wasn’t the best. Flights sure have cut back, spent 7 bucks on a “meal”  that was satisfying, but still a bit much for what it was.  When I arrive in San Francisco I had to still get my tickets for the international flight and I discovered that to my dismay,  I was only allowed one carry-on  and it had to be under 14 lbs. Yeah, I had two and neither was under 14. I did have a bag within one that I chose to bring so I could use it for work. That saved me and the woman at the counter was extremely nice to me and I was really happy with how she treated me. She easily could have charged me for the two extra check in bags I had, but she didn’t and just let me know that next time they would charge me.
            I am now sitting in economy on my 12 hour flight to Seoul. I am exhausted, but in about 9 hours it will be done. I hope I can take a couple hour nap so I will sleep when I arrive, since it will be early evening. 
            One thing I am thankful for this international flight is that anytime I want a drink I can order some wine, which has helped me relax after some stress of getting onto this flight on time and getting my suitcases figured out.
            I am going to try to study before I am off the flight but I am in desperate need for a nap!
            Love to all.


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