Monday, May 20, 2013

End of the Month Photo Post- November

Banpo Bridge and Seoul Lantern Festival, Bryan's going away, Alanna's going away, started taking Korean Lessons

November was a month of goodbyes as good friends started to leave South Korea. Before Bryan left us for a while, we did one more MonWon sleepover, this time it was in Suwon where Mckenna and I work. We started the evening off with some fabulous Indian food, spun the wheel at Sam Ryan's, and then moved to Mckenna's where we got our MONWON on :) !
ME, Bryan, Suzanne, Mckenna, Alex

Bryan and I at dinner!
We really are some fine people!

And of course, the obligatory Monwon shot of the night.

In November is also the Latern festival in Korea. I went with Tin and her friend Jasmine, who was visiting from Aussieland. We first went to Banpo Bridge which lights up at night for a spectacular show.

The Lantern Festival is two weeks longs and I went on the last Saturday of the period. I only walked a small portion of the stream that it lights up due to how crowded the whole area was! It was very congested and it was a bit difficult getting some nice shots of the lanterns. This is one of the events I apreciate in Korea because you get to see so many people really appreciating the event and what it means.

The end of the month brought saying goodbye to my friends Bryan, Alanna, and Lisa. Alanna and Lisa  were in my training group and I hung out with them a few times over the year we were all here together. Lisa came back in February but Alanna is back in the US enjoying her life there. I went to the Club Phantom in Gangnam with themafter dinner at Butterfingers, drinks at the Whiskey Weasel. We ended our night at Rainbow which is a hookah bar in Gangnam.

Me, Lisa, Alanna

November was a busy month for me! I started taking Korean lessons as a way to fill in my weekend so I would be more active and have more things to do. It was fun for me to take Korean, but sadly I spent the last weekend extremely sick so I never took the final.  I did attempt to take it again, but with spring coming in, I stopped after the third week. Korea in winter is cold, but having things to do on the weekend helps the time go by faster and taking the classes helped me be more studious and active during the week as well.

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