Friday, May 31, 2013

End of the Month Photo Post - January

January was a "cold" month. The beginning started with  the new year rolling in and ended with a great hike that really showed how out of shape I was in!
With the new year I decided that I needed to expand my horizons and try out a Korean spa, a jjimjilbang. It was an awesome experience. I came in sore and feeling crappy and I felt leaving relaxed and relieved. I recommend Dragon Hill Spa right next to Yongsan Station in Seoul, South Korea.
The after photo of going into the Spa.
A week or so after break, I decided to spend the money on a photo class so I could learn how to use my camera more. I took a walk near apartment in Suwon, and got some great shots of this wren flying along the creek by my apartment. The walk proved to me that paying around $200 for a photo class would be worth it because I have no idea how to use my camera and I really want to become a better photographer.

At the end of January, I went on a hiking trip with Seoul Hiking Group. We went to Manisan, which is on an island close the North and South Korea border. I went with Susan, Carly, and Belinda on a last minute decision to join on a Sunday morning hike. I was tired and cranky since sleeping seemed to fail me the night before. It wasn't too cold, but cold enough that I didn't really want to not wear jeans. The hike was a nice, challenging hour and half to one point and then another 2 hours after.

That kinda darker gray in the middle...that's North Korea.

You can kinda see it...kinda.

Pretty dead leave with frost.

Let's throw leaves into the air.

'cause it makes us look cool!

Me trying to not enjoy the view even though  I had a hard time keeping up.

From the peak. Gorgeous view really.

Group shot at the top, didn't work out too well.

Suzanne and her acrobatics.

More shots from the top.

Going back down saw this man carrying his probably 4 or 5 year girl UP THE MOUNTAIN LIKE THIS.

This is what the majority of the hike was like. Needed crampons for sure.
Once I arrived at the peak, I decided that there was no way in hell I was going to continue on and it as a good thing I decided that. I was not in the best of shape and I definitely was not up to small versions of rock climbing, even if ropes were used. I enjoyed a nice little nap on the bus as well as changing into my sweat shirt since I had sweat through my t-shirt during the hike.
After every one got back together from the hike, we went to one side of the island and had an amazing soup supper. Korea definitely has some of my favorite soups, due to their savory and spiciness. We also had a great ocean view from our restaurant. I'm a sucker for winter beaches, some people don't appreciate the look of snow and sand together, but it's nostalgic for me.

And again, another jumping photo that actually worked...though I do look like I have a rocket pack on.

The last weekend of January brought me to the Tim Burton exhibit at Seoul Museum of Art. The Tim Burton Exhibit was a great excursion for a Sunday morning...too bad it meant getting up at around 7:30 AM! I went with the people I did knitting club with, which was a great change of pace for me. A lot of my friends had already gone to the exhibit during earlier months, so this was my chance to go with people I knew from different activities. The exhibit showcased select artwork from Tim Burton's private collection of his own art from different movies, early inspiration as well as journals from his youth. It offered a nice  view into his mind and what his inspirations were for his movies. I really enjoyed the quotes that were placed through out the exhibit.
Even though I am not as well versed as others for his movies, I enjoyed looking at the costumes, story boards, and other inspirational artwork Burton as done over the years. It's all just morbidly whimsical. A strange combination of the two, but it fits. We were not allowed to take photographs while inside the exhibit but there were pieces we could take photos with outside. I enjoyed how the art museum had gates put up with Tim Burton's name in the expected typography that is famous from his movies. The entrance displays inside manifests the ideal of being swallowed into the mindset Tim Burton possesses in his creative process. I could continue on in this overly analytical rhetoric, but I will cease because I'm boring myself.
I enjoyed this art exhibit because I felt that it was an honest interpretation into the mindset of some one who lived in his own complete, little world. Which is appealing to any person who isn't afraid of their own mind.

January was a fun month that led me to decide to pursue more opportunities taking pictures and getting to learn more about my camera. Check out my February Photo post to see what I learned in lessons!

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