Monday, February 11, 2013

Resolution List

With a new again beginning, I have been thinking about where I am going to be next year. Already a year away, but I am excited to think about what my next big adventure will be. But with that, I have realized that I don't want to make this year another year of waiting for the next big leap(or flight, but more on that later). I saw on Pinstrosity that the one lady had made a list for her todo this year. She has 101 items to do and while I admire that, I think for my first time doing this, I will make mine a max of 50.
My list will consist of bad habits to break, new skills to learn, improving skills I have, and things I want to accomplish. Committing to things that improve myself is hard for me. This is something I want to do though.
Once I have accomplished an item, I will write a date and post a picture if it is something I can publish.

1. Write once a week in my journal.
2. Have blog up to date by March 1st.
*Update - So I missed this deadline drastically, so I am going setting a new goal of getting the blog up to day by the end of March. I have more free time coming up, since I am not taking my photography class on Sundays anymore.
3. Complete one knitting project every two months
*EEP- Didn't make January/February deadline, so I am hoping to comlete my first project of the year again by the end of March!
4. Write 2 blog posts a month
5. Write 1000 for my story once a month
6. Write 1 short story a month(1,000-2,000)
7. For one week, clean apartment every night so that way it is cleaned.
8. For one week, make sure all clothes are put away
9. For one week, dress up nice for work every day
10. Work out 3x a week
11. By the end of the year, be able to run a 9 minute mile
12. Go a month with out buying pop
13. Don't buy yarn until 6 knitting projects have been finished
14. Learn to use the sewing machine again
15. Finish story by Dec. 31. 2013
16. Complete NaNoWriMo
17. See 3 new countries
18. Save around 3,000 dollars by the end of the year
19. Learn to crochet
20. Get TESOL certified
21. Retake GRE - ROCK IT
22. Scrapbook of living in Korea.
23. Collage of photos from Korea
24. Become efficient in Microsoft
25. Learn photoshop(as well as my camera)
26. Run a 5k in Korea
27. Run a 10k in Korea or US
28. Complete a half marathon
29. Improve my grammar
30. Get a short story or anything published

This year, like every year, is another to build my future. I want to be able to think that this was not a year wasting away or playing games all the time. I want to find a path to walk down. I hope this year I find it.

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