Monday, February 11, 2013

End of the Month: August

August began with a great vacation to Jeju but concluded with saying goodbye to friends who left(but are now coming back to Korea). Since I am so far behind on posts, I won't be writing much here, besides captioning the photos.

Dragon Head rock in Jeju.
Saw many cups of fries everywhere while walking around the Dragohead rock.
Maze in Jeju.

Happy to get to the end of the Maze.

At the top of Hallasan.

By the Hexagonal rock formations.

View from the Sunrise Crater.
These photos were taken by Jason, one of our moderators for the trip. Thanks again for taking pictures of me while I walked around since I tend to not take photos of myself! :P

On the last night in Jeju the whole group went on the beach and enjoyed some healthy indulgences in So-J(Soju and Orange juice)

The group who went in the waterfall. Refreshing after the heat!

At the end of August, Holm, Brittany, and Colin were all leaving Korea. Another friend, Nick, also left but I couldn't attend his going away, but he was coming back in November.

Brittany, Holm, Mckenna, Shawn, Colin, Me at a park on the Han.
Alex, Mckenna, Suzanne,Carolyn, Dan, Holm, Brittany, Me
I am desperately trying to complete all my backed up photo posts before March 1st, which will be explained in my Resolutions post!

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