Saturday, October 29, 2011

First Month Here

I now have been in South Korea for a month! It's rather hard to think it's only been a month and even though time has flown by and I'm getting the hang of everything it is hard to think I haven't seen my friends or my parents in a month.

Okay, so I started this post over a week ago and I just kinda forgot to finish it. I can now add at least my first couple of insights with having worked for a month now too at my school. It definitely not what I expected but I have been able to adjust fairly quickly to everything; from my apartment, to the new food(kinda), to new people, and learning a new language. As well as teaching, of course.

I am slowly becoming adjusted to my new surroundings and have been slowly getting my apartment how I would like it to be. It's definitely not perfect, with the occasionally weird smell and location being above a convenience store, it's becoming more and more like home. I'm anticipating my first paycheck because I need to buy decorations to help make this place better for me, as well as getting photos printed that I can put up around my apartment. It will be nice also to buy a broom and a mop so cleaning the whole place won't take all day.

My stomach has not been my best friend these past couple weeks. I am happy to have been able to find food that I really enjoy (kimchi is YUMMY and Korean Barbecue is definitely my favorite meal here) but some things I am having a hard time adjusting too, mainly fish. I try to avoid having it, since every time I have it my stomach reacts to it most unhappily.  I've had a couple stomach bugs but nothing that hasn't stopped me from going into work thankfully.

I've met a lot of great people here as well, some from training and some being my coworkers. It's great having such a diverse group of people to hang out with and do things with, it definitely makes adjusting here easier. I've seen bits of Seoul while going out and shopping (Oh, the fashion here is marvelous!) and it  feels like the right place for me to be right now.

I'm hopefully going to start getting to work on learning Korean now, since it's time to start learning. I really need to plan my days better, as well as posting more often. With November comes my first pay day as well as the beginning of National Novel Writing Month and this year I am really going to try to get something accomplished.

Well, I should get this post uploaded and then try and get most of my hat done tonight! I'm knitting as well and improving my skill. Let's see if I can get some of my own wardrobe pieces created!

With Love,

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