Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A month later and results are in

So, unfortunately for myself, I was not accepted into TfA, so I am currently looking into several different opportunities.
I've started applying to Vista, so I'm hoping that I can be placed somewhere in New Hampshire, which will make life a little easier to be closer to my parents.
I'm also looking into the MFA programs I want to apply to next year. I have a lot of friends who applied and slowly getting their replies back, and its pretty cutthroat out there. I'm hoping to concentrate on my writing, since right now is not the ideal scenario for me to write constructively.

I'm excited for my student manager job to end, since it means I'll be having my own life again and not surrounding myself with a lot of negative energy. I feel that this year did not go very well, just with all the problems that have occurred between myself and supervisors and fellow workers. I know where my fault lies and I've grown from that. I wonder if others see where they caused the problem though, which I highly doubt.

As I recall how this year went, I think I have paid too much attention to very insignificant details and didn't concern myself with what I really want to do. It has become too much about  sacrificing what I want to do to appease others, so I'm better at my job, at my school work, at caring for others. I'm tired and excited to graduate and to leave this place. I've become to comfortable and need to make myself uncomfortable.

Here is a little thought:

When you let others control
Thoughts, actions, words
It leads you to only care about
                            their interpretation
Of what they think of your

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