Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Post...finally

Dare I say it? I think I shall. I graduate in 5 months and 4 days. I am not at a loss for what this means because it is understandably clear as to what it means.
It all revolves around the fact that I get antsy after so long in one place. I am not stagnant water. And my prospects are looking FABULOUS to me.
Most currently on the block is this:
1. Teach for America.
I hear officially about this in 2 days...If I am so lucky to get in, I will be going.
2. New Hampshire
This is the choice I have made incase I do not get into TfA. Do I mind moving back home with my parentals? Yes, but I am not a half-wit and know its the safest and smartest idea with a college student with possibly no job outcomes.
3. AmeriCorps/VistaCorps
Of course though, I am looking into places where I can volunteer by my parents, but this is a sound option for the sole purpose that I love a good volunteering experience. And, with no pay I live at home or work at night? Hmmm...bartending school?
4. TeachEast
I have been wanting to go to China or Japan since I was a freshmen at Marquette.

For now, this is an incomplete list. Which should be edited by Thursday of this week!

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