Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mom and Dad's visit! May 5-14

I was very lucky to have my parents come visit me this past May for nine days. I hadn't seen them since September when I moved out to Korea. I was very fortunate that they were so kind to bring out three extra full suitcases of things, like clothes, food, shoes, and facewash I had bought but couldn't ship to myself.

My parents spent most of their time in Suwon ,where I live, and we went out to dinner most nights and I took them around the area. They also spent two days in my classroom sitting with my students. My favorite moment during their 9 day stay is when my mom embarrassed my least favorite student into tears. He was CRYING, from laughing so hard, but he was very embarassed and was slightly more respectful.

The first weekend they came, I showed them around Suwon, taking them to Suwon Fortress, which is the only intack fortress left in Korea. We only did a small part since they had just flown in the day or so before.
Going up into a look out post at Suwon Fortress.

And people wonder where I got it from.

My parents spent a day at the COEX Mall where there is an aquarium as well as a Kimchi Museum, which they liked more,  during the week. My parents mainly stayed in Suwon helping me organize my apartment more and just spending time with me.

We went to a palace in Seoul, one of the largest Changgyeonggung Palace. We missed the last English tour of the palace and of the secret garden, but we managed with it it. It would have been nice to see the secret garden, but I'll try again in the spring I think.

Before the left, we went to Butterfingers, a yummy brunch place in Gangnam, so they could see the Korean take on Western/American Brunch.

The delicious Mac n' Cheese

Dad's breakfast

Mom and mine's platter we shared.
It was a great visit and it made me miss home quite a lot. It's hard to think that it might be a whole other yeear before I can go home.

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